Well, I never thought I would want/need an indoor studio, but time hava changed! Sooo.... coming in March (hoping 1st of March, but realistically mid-March) I will introduce my new indoor home studio. I will only be using the studio for little ones (birth - one). It will be cozy and warm and kid friendly (home).
Pictures will come soon!

February (Cancer)

Starting this month I am going to be picking one charity each month to honor and donate to. What exactly does this mean? One Saturday per month I will be doing a day of mini sessions. Half the proceeds will go to the charity I choose that month.
A mini session is $100, 30 minutes and 10 digital images. The location will be determined approximately 2 weeks before the session.
This is a great way to honor a charity that has impacted you or a loved one.
For this month I will be donating to cancer research in honor of my Aunt Carolyn who passed away from cancer. She would be turning 61 this year.
Please contact me if you are interested in being a part of this special day.