Lauderback kiddos

Precious Lil Norah

Big day in the Melsa house!

My first born, Lane got his drivers license today AND started home school. He drove to the gym tonight by himself. I am so nervous I have diarrhea!

IF Gathering

This weekend I spent with 11 friends viewing a live stream of the IF Gathering.  It was perfect timing and much needed.  If you weren't able to view it - do it now.  You can live stream it until tomorrow night.  Just Google IF: Gathering. You won't regret it.

Laura Hampton

Laura Hampton:

  • came to me for a couple headshots for work
  • then me and my camera went click-happy
  • stunning
  • gorgeous
  • beautiful
  • she does something at a software company.  i don't remember.
  • single. at the moment
  • age 27
  • has a cat

 My favorite

Micah & Lori Davidson

Micah and Lori: 

  • pastor at Real Life 
  • lived in Corpus Christi before 
  • 4 children 
  • live on a farm 
  • got married at 20 
 I asked Micah where his dream vacation would be and he said "wherever lori is". Sweeeeeetness.

 My favorite is the one above.  He opened his bible and said "oh, look!  it happened to open up to the verse about wives submitting to their husbands"

this is when i was working with my settings and captured a very natural moment.  love love love