New print

My cousin from Houston (Kimberlee Combs Photography) took this of my little one and me. I decided to have it printed square (which i LOVE), on matboarded with metallic finish. It looks AWESOME! Contact me about ordering one for your home.

20 pages of notes

is what i took last night at a photography conference. it was jam packed with awesome ideas. so refreshing. new things are coming for amy melsa photography!

Wedding Number 10!

This past Saturday I had the honor of photographing a beautiful wedding. The ceremony was at a Methodist church downtown and the reception was off of San Gabriel. It was absolutely beautiful! I would have to say that weddings are definitely not my specialty, and I get so anxious and nervous before them. I ALWAYS shoot with a second shooter. You know...just in case. You never know what can go wrong. I love being able to watch such an amazing, personal, life-changing event and be a part of it. Of course, there have been some weddings I have photographed that might have been planned about 7 days before and weren't taken too seriously. at all. But, to each is own...
This wedding this past weekend was a long time coming. Bride and groom had been dating for like 8 years! They were so excited and in love. The wedding was beautiful and I am so thankful to be a part of it!

The "C" Family

Sunday I photographed the family that bid highest on my session donation at the Bill Glass Banquet (prison ministry). Luke and I went to the banquet with some friends of ours and were BLOWN away by the choir that was there. I snorted/cried. Anyways, the mom in this family was the worship leader for the choir. She is truly amazing. We are going to go visit their church soon. The whole family is very talented musically! I had a blast photographing them. You can really get a sense of the family dynamic when photographing them for 2 hours. This family has fun together.
Oh, and also - the dad, Greg Curtis is a songwriter/producer and has worked w/ some very big names. He travels w/ his talented sons to LA often. I saw him the night after I photographed them on A&E, The Jackson Five reality show. He was in the studio when they were recording. Pretty cool. HILARIOUS guy.


a little somethin somethin i have been playing around w/ in photoshop.

Learned something new!

Did a collage last night. I've never done anything like this before in Photoshop. Not, because it's super hard, just because I have never had the extra time to figure it out. I LOVE learning something new in PS. It's a new goal of mine for 2010!!

My new fave item

Today I received my new bag/purse in the mail today and I LOVE it. I love the size, the look, the quality, everything. Best of all, my sister-in-law made it! You can get one too for only $40 and pick from several great fabrics. Just email me if interested and I'll forward your information.

Ms. America

It is my goal to not only take more pictures of my kiddos, but to print them! I am horrible about printing. Here are a couple I took in the backyard. Isn't she precious!?