Youth Reach Houston

You know I have such a heart for this place. What they do for troubled teenage boys is amazing. They are raising these boys to be wonderful husbands and fathers. Pouring Christ's love into them. And they don't ask for a penny! 100% free. Total ministry. Amazing. They are looking for the following items to benefit their residents. If you have ANY of these things that you would like to give to YRH, I will be happy to deliver them for you next time I go to Houston. Just let me know and I can come pick it up! puzzles, basketballs, board games, right and left handed baseball gloves, fishing poles and tackle and/or gift card to academy, black diamons half-dome climbing helmets for the obstable course ($120), gift cards - walmart, target, academy, maytag washer & dryer ($1900), curriculum - experiencing god: student edition, financial peace: student edition, search for signifigance, microwave oven, stihl or echo gas-powered leaf blower, mechanic's tool set, tool cabinet, 16" or 24" stihl chainsaw, Time to purge?! ;)