Deserving family time!

If you know of a deserving family that might not have professional pictures in their budget, please email me! Just tell me why you're nominating them and I'll pick the winner October 11th. Thanks!

Taylor FB Sneak Peek

I always love photographing this sweet family.  I've photographed them for years now.  The kids are so sweet and calm.  Easy to be around.  I love families like the Taylors that I have had the opportunity to photograph for years because I get to watch their children grow.  So special!

Paul & Brittany

On Saturday Paul and Brittany were married at The Terrace Club in Dripping Springs. I photographed Brittany's family about 2 years ago and did her sister's senior pictures this year. I love her family. The wedding was absolutely beautiful and filled with so much love. The colors, the venue, the food... it was all perfect. Below are some pictures of Paul and Brittany when they saw each other before the ceremony, a "first look". I love their expressions and the excitement they show when they see each other.
He is giddy!
Love her expression when he turns around to see her!

Vije Sneak Peek 2013

The Vije family is beautiful and so kind. And look at how handsome their boys are! So grateful for the opportunity to photograph them.

Model Material!

bad blogger.

horrible blogger alert! ;-(
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maybe someday i'll be a better blogger!  don't hold your breath.

Luisa's Senior Sneak Peek

loves drama and newspaper. 
oldest of 3. 
headed to tulane.
speaks fluent italian. 
 can name all the countries in the world in under 7 minutes.