The "C" Family

Sunday I photographed the family that bid highest on my session donation at the Bill Glass Banquet (prison ministry). Luke and I went to the banquet with some friends of ours and were BLOWN away by the choir that was there. I snorted/cried. Anyways, the mom in this family was the worship leader for the choir. She is truly amazing. We are going to go visit their church soon. The whole family is very talented musically! I had a blast photographing them. You can really get a sense of the family dynamic when photographing them for 2 hours. This family has fun together.
Oh, and also - the dad, Greg Curtis is a songwriter/producer and has worked w/ some very big names. He travels w/ his talented sons to LA often. I saw him the night after I photographed them on A&E, The Jackson Five reality show. He was in the studio when they were recording. Pretty cool. HILARIOUS guy.

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