Oh how we love summer

We had our last summer getaway to Tyler, TX. Enjoying the last few days of sleeping in, being barefoot and wearing swimsuits all day. We spent the days kayaking, jet skiing, fishing, swimming etc. It is so beautiful in that part of Texas. The morning time is peaceful and lovely. Still water, cool temperature, no noise. Pure peace.

Chern Family

This is the second time I've had the honor of photographing the Chern family. Peggy and Matt have one beautiful little girl. She didn't remember me from the last photo session (being that she was only a few months old) so at first she was playing shy with me. But only after a few minutes she was giving me a tour around the house and showing me her dance moves!
Was super pumped when Matt pulled out his guitar and started playing some of his daughter's favorite tunes. She joined in w/ her flute.