Easy on the eyes

Morgan is submitting pics to Seventeen magazine today. 
 GO Morgan!!

Difficult child mean bad parenting??

I saw a post on FB about someone's child having a hard time with a difficult classmate. One of the comments on the posting was "well, if that mama raised that child right there wouldn't be these issues". When I read this the blood went north. The steam came out of the nose. I mean, seriously??! Are people that judgmental and STUPID?! 
 Most of you probably know that this subject hits home. I have spent YEARS learning how to not blame myself for my child's issues. And it's judgmental people like this that make me start to question myself and my parenting again. I have to remind myself that no matter how much I love my child, no matter how much I parent him the way I am supposed to (or think I'm supposed to) that he may make decisions that are out of my control. 
 There are examples in the Bible of great parents w/ children that make bad choices or horrible parents with wonderful children. Thank you God for putting that in the Bible! 
I do remember when I was a young mom (very young. too young!) and I would see other kids that were throwing these horrible tantrums, biting, screaming, or whatever and I would look at the parents w/ a little bit of judgment. Thinking "if that were MY child I would...." Well, I've grown up. Raised kids. LEARNED MY LESSON. Now I look at those parents w/ compassion and understanding. If you see someone with a child throwing a horrible tantrum, do something different - instead of the judgmental eye, give them a compassionate smile. It is amazing what that can do to a mom or dad. 
 Luke and I have read probably 50 parenting books, gone to 13 counselors, been to parenting workshops out the whazoo, and sought counsel from more people than I can count. We have an ARMY of people praying for our child that has headed down the wrong path in life. We are doing everything we know that we can do. And we will continue fighting, praying and hoping. 
FB poster - difficult child does not always mean bad parenting!

Andrew & Kailynn's Wedding

I have no idea what I just said...

During photo sessions my mind is always focused on the images I want to capture and then when I'm capturing it, I'm usually thinking about what I want for the next image. When my mouth opens during this, I really have no idea what I'm saying. I'm sure half of what I'm saying doesn't make sense. I am always trying to get out natural expressions so usually I'm telling the subjects to be thinking of something, or trying to make them laugh. Occasionally, I'm successful!

Axel's teacher

Axel (our puppy) started dog training when he was 6 weeks old.  Carol with Have A Great Dog came highly recommended from a friend.  She knows dogs.  I'm taking pics for some marketing material for her.  Here is one:
If you have a dog that needs training you should call Carol with Have A Great Dog!  608-8311