Josh & Tana - Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of last night's wedding. The wedding was at Memory Lane in Dripping Springs. Wedding coordinator, Thalia rocks! She was so sweet, fun to work with and did an amazing job of saving the wedding from the torrential downpour! Wedding and cocktail hour (as well as all the formal photographs) were originally planned to be outdoors. Well, most of the evening it poured. I mean hard core pour. Low lighting and rain make for not-so-easy photography! Thank God I had second shooters, Kim and Andrea to help me out. The wedding was a blast. In the slideshow are pictures of Tana giving Josh a "you-better-not-throw-that-cake-in-my-face-look", a sweet one of Tana and her dad when he sees her for the first time, a couple fun vows pics, one of... well, i think it's an aggie dance called the hullabaloo (hope i'm right and don't offend anyone- i know they take that stuff seriously!), and a couple more shots I liked.
Thanks so much to Tana and Josh for the honor of photographing their special day!

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