nacho average mama?

So about every other week there will be a time when Cam will pass me in the house and give me a look.  A look that says "We on? You ready?!" and then before you know it it's on.  Full on wrestling.  or as my in-laws from TN say it - wrastling.   We've had wrestling battles for years now.   We have so much fun.  I mean, it's really serious, but it is FUN.  Up until about 6 months ago, I have always been able to take him down pretty easily.  Now that he is bigger than me it has become a lot harder.  Like now we work up a sweat.  Sometimes things will even get broken.  The other kids love to watch and root us on.  Luke just stands off to the side and smiles nervously.  
I asked the kids the other day if something happened to me what would be the one thing they remember about me and one of the things they all said was "how you wrestle cam".  I imagine most moms don't have this role, but I am so thankful I do.

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