Have a digital camera you can donate? For a great cause!

I have a wonderful organization I like to volunteer with - Music for the City.  Out worship pastor, Lamar Stockton founded it.   I go with them into shelters, public housing, etc. and teach the kids about photography.  There are also other artists, such as musicians, painters, etc. 
These kids LOVE having the opportunity to take pictures.  Usually we'll put them on a treasure hunt or some type of picture taking activity.  These kids don't have cameras and LOVE having the opportunity to use one.  
I'm trying to get about 20 digital cameras donated for Music for the City, so that each child has a camera to use when we visit.  If you have any type of digital camera - new or used, small or big, cheap or expensive, we would love it!  You can just email me or call me and I'll come pick it up from you.  We are also taking monetary donations to be able to purchase cameras.  These kids (and me) would be so thankful!!

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