Summer Camp

If you haven't checked out this camp you need to.  I've had the privilege of taking pictures at this camp for 2 years now and have gotten a really good look at "behind the scenes" - mainly the counselors.  I think counselors are like nurses - they can make it or ruin it.
Obviously Mike and Peggy McDonnell (owners of KV) are very particular about who they hire.  You're not going to get high school kids sitting around on their phones, rolling their eyes at the kids.  You are going to get energetic, positive, encouraging role models.  I'm always in awe at how much energy these counselors have!
I've also been impressed with how well organized and structured it is.  They know what they're doing.  I'm not sure how long KV has been around, but I know it's been a long time.
Ok, there's my little blurb on the camp.  Check it out.  Coming from a mom of kids who have gone there.

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