Kid's clothing ideas

Here are some ideas for cute kid's outfits. Have fun with it. Think layers & textures - especially for the fall.

Gap Kids

Stella McCartney Kids

Whitten Grey

Rile jumper
Baby Skye Boutique

J. Crew Kids

What more can I say?

Cute wallets!

Super cool wallets.  4 for $10.  Email me if you're interested.

New baby! And I LOOOOVE babies!!!

 Big brother wanted nothing to do but hang with his Aunt Courtney and Uncle Eric ;-) Oh, and have a lollipop.

God's canvas

I took this picture of the sunset a few days ago.  I didn't touch it in
 photoshop - this is straight out of the camera.  100% God's work. 


Reminder to be thankful. I have shoes. I have a lot of

 family around. I have an amazing church family that

 loves me, encourages me and doesn't judge me. I

 have it really good. I have the means to get through

 the trials. I have Him.

Not sure who took this picture - I got it off pinterest

(which I'm addicted to) 

Have a digital camera you can donate? For a great cause!

I have a wonderful organization I like to volunteer with - Music for the City.  Out worship pastor, Lamar Stockton founded it.   I go with them into shelters, public housing, etc. and teach the kids about photography.  There are also other artists, such as musicians, painters, etc. 
These kids LOVE having the opportunity to take pictures.  Usually we'll put them on a treasure hunt or some type of picture taking activity.  These kids don't have cameras and LOVE having the opportunity to use one.  
I'm trying to get about 20 digital cameras donated for Music for the City, so that each child has a camera to use when we visit.  If you have any type of digital camera - new or used, small or big, cheap or expensive, we would love it!  You can just email me or call me and I'll come pick it up from you.  We are also taking monetary donations to be able to purchase cameras.  These kids (and me) would be so thankful!!

I got so excited about photographing this family!!!!!

Summer Camp

If you haven't checked out this camp you need to.  I've had the privilege of taking pictures at this camp for 2 years now and have gotten a really good look at "behind the scenes" - mainly the counselors.  I think counselors are like nurses - they can make it or ruin it.
Obviously Mike and Peggy McDonnell (owners of KV) are very particular about who they hire.  You're not going to get high school kids sitting around on their phones, rolling their eyes at the kids.  You are going to get energetic, positive, encouraging role models.  I'm always in awe at how much energy these counselors have!
I've also been impressed with how well organized and structured it is.  They know what they're doing.  I'm not sure how long KV has been around, but I know it's been a long time.
Ok, there's my little blurb on the camp.  Check it out.  Coming from a mom of kids who have gone there.

My new office

About to make starbucks my new office.  I seriously get ADD to-the-extreme while working at home.  I need everything removed from my sight in order to work - my kids, my unmade bed, my trash can that needs to be emptied....on and on.
So, if you need me you can contact me at Starbucks on Escarpment & William Cannon ;-) just ask for the girl that always comes up there and sits behind a macbook and orders a grande soy chai w/ 1/2 a pump or peppermint.

Want to take better pictures?

I have had several people over the years ask me to teach a class about photography.  My first class will be in August.  I'll be teaching the basics of a DSLR camera -  how to get off the automatic setting and onto manual, the importance of good lighting and tips for taking better pictures.
If you are interested shoot me an email and I'll email you details about date, time, cost and location. 
Happy Saturday!