Love B&W and LOVE this baby!

I always recommend to my clients for their printing.  They aren't THE BEST, but they are really good and very affordable.
Their prints are 15% off right now.  Every penny counts right?!

Print your favorite family photos with 15% OFF all prints!

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Fall Special

I know it's hard to think about Christmas when it's smokin' hot outside, but Fall is right around the corner.  This is the best time to take those family photographs for Christmas cards and presents!  Don't wait until the last minute to schedule your session, let's get it on the books now and get ahead of the game.  This year I will be doing personalized Christmas cards and awesome image gifts like photo books, mugs, calendars, ornaments, necklaces by 
Jewel Kade, and much more. 

If you book a fall session with me before August 31st, you get a full session with 5 digital images of your choice for $250.  These are great to use for Christmas cards and/or gifts!  Your session must occur between September 1st and December 15th.   You will need to make a $50 deposit when booking your session.  The $50 will go towards your $250 session fee. 
Call or email me and let me know if you would like a weekday or weekend session and/or morning or evening. 

I will be doing 2 mini sessions this fall.  These book up pretty fast, so if you want a spot please email me right away.  The mini sessions will be $100 for a 30 minute session including 2 digital images of your choice.  
Dates for mini sessions:
Saturday, October 8th at Commons Ford Ranch (natural/outdoorsy look)
Saturday, November 5th in Downtown Austin (urban/retro look)

Email or call me to book your session.

Couture Coffee Bags

My sister-in-law has an article published in the Nashville paper with one of the pictures I took.  This article picture was taken with a phone and texted to me - sorry it's blah.  I'm so excited for her - she makes the cutest bags!  You must get one!  Isn't the model gorgeous too?!?!  She's just as beautiful on the inside I swear!

BIG day!

My day started out with my nephew's baptism....

and ended with our friends bringing their son home from Ethiopia. 

It was a GREAT day!!!!

Get through the week

For those of you waiting on pics, or a response to an email - I promise I haven't forgotten about you!  4 kids -  2 in elementary, 1 in middle and 1 in high school, just 3 more days until they go back to school.  I am spending this week cramming in back to school shopping, organizing, etc.  
Once next week starts I will be a much better business woman!  


Started p90x today.  Not the best idea to start when the kids are still on summer break.  My workout involved about 2 feet of space shared with my 5 and 9 year old and 2 hand weights.  And the dog.   Everyone wants to start exercising the day I want to.   I should probably be thankful that I can have fun exercising with my children.  But, I'm not.  Don't judge.  #hurryupmonday

Starting p90x tomorrow. this inspires me.

enough said

Look at this hair! LOVE.

Giving Back

I'd love to create a backyard escape. If only...

If only we lived in a place that wasn't a bazillion degrees....


I am so in love with these necklaces from Jewel Kade.  I've partnered up with Laura Weenig who is a rep for the company.  The pictures come out sharp with great detail.  I've seen necklaces like this before that looked cheap or the picture looked awful.  Not Jewel Kade.  These are thick and gorgeous.  A GREAT Christmas gift for mom, grandma, sister, etc.  Contact me for pricing.

Cute homemade flowers for hair or shirt

Vacation?? whatever.

I just took 3 of my kids to the beach for 3 days.  I always love getting out of town.  Love road trips.  Love the beach.   But, when you have kids with you - it is anything but vacation.  It is work.  I spend my time pretty much constantly distracting kids from fighting, or playing taxi or throwing in the pool... cooking, cleaning, 
wiping butts,  on and on.  
Call me horrible, but I sure would love to bring along a responsible, amazingly fun, energetic teenager to entertain and keep up with my kids.  At least so I could use the bathroom in peace.  
That's not too much to ask is it?! 
Vacation? puhleeez!