Day one

I'm taking sugar out of my diet starting today.  And a lot of other crap-food.  Today is day one and so far, I haven't turned into a monster.  A little fatigued and quite hungry, but bearable.  I have heard that the first 3 days are the hardest by far.  So I'm thinking that day two and three are going to get a lot worst.  
I have 15 lbs to lose.  Not sure what happened, but I've never weighed this much besides being pregnant.  I'm guessing it's that I'm getting older and I sit at my computer more than I have ever done.  I've always had to work at my weight.  If I'm not watching what I'm eating and not exercising I will gain a lot fast.  Never have I been one that could maintain no matter what I eat.  Those girls piss me off. 
Hopefully by month 3 I will be fitting back into my clothes.  Mainly my jeans are all I care about.  Love my jeans.

Oh and I found this quote from a book I'm reading that I thought was pretty good:

‎"The trouble with opportunity is that it often

 comes disguised as hard work" 

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