Day Two

I survived day 1.  But, I had to go to bed at around 9:00 b/c I was so hungry and wasn't allowed to eat anything else.  Plus I barely had the energy to get out of bed.  I've heard there will be about 2 more days of this.  Well, 1 1/2 now.
I just ate lunch.  Salad and asparagus.  Yuck.  Love salad and asparagus, but not without lots of butter, salt and ranch.
I took the 3 boys to the grocery yesterday.  On a normal day this tests my patience, but yesterday it was tested 5k times.  They get $25 each every week to buy lunch food.  Well, for some reason they think they are entitled to get whatever crap-food they want.  Lane was trying to buy Mountain Dew, fruit roll ups and bubble gum.  Seriously?!  Not ever, and definitely not while I'm starving myself.  I would never do that to his underpaid, overworked teachers.
Lord help me.

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