Organizing fanatic

I love to organize. It's therapeutic to me. Although, I've had to really let go over the years, due to kids, kids and more kids.
Thought I'd share a tip that has helped me.
I have a bucket (see pic) that I will fill up with snacks in ziploc baggies (or containers since I'm trying to be green). That way when it's time to make lunch, all I have to do is grab some containers and throw them in the lunch box. Or if the kids need a snack on the go they can just grab something from the bucket. It's great to do after the trip to the grocery. Open the container of nuts, pretzels, whatever and pour in baggies. Same thing can be done with refrigerated items, use one of the drawers as your bucket.
Works good for me. What's your favorite pantry organizing trick?

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