Eating Clean

While surfing pinterest (LOVE pinterest) I came across the website He & She Eat Clean, and was inspired.  So, Luke and I decided we were going to encourage each other to cut out processed foods and basically eat clean, natural, whole foods that haven't been modified or altered.  We aren't going to be anal freaks about it, just try our hardest to eat God given foods.  Today was day #1 - I ate watermelon, eggs, corn, chicken, and nuts.  I think the hardest part was not having butter on my corn and creamer in my coffee. But, I love feeling good and healthy more.  I'm journaling through the process to document how I'm going to feel 4 months from now (end of summer).  Hoping to get back in those clothes I fit into when we first moved back to Austin 3 years ago.  20 lbs ago.

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