Kettler Family 2012 - Austin Family Photographer

I love when I get a client that calls me b/c everyone is together in town for the first time in years and they want to capture it. I usually get these calls at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. My paternal side of the family has been taking a "big" family picture every 10 years. I have them since I was 4. LOVE seeing them all on my grandparents wall when I go visit. Love how the amount of people in the picture has grown BIG time. Marriage. Kids. Grandkids. Great grandkids. These pictures are treasured for generations! I know it can be such a pain to get everyone on board for a family picture, but make the effort! It's so worth it! Onto the pics: I had so much fun with the Kettler family... 
 3 boys. Goofy. 
 2 beautiful, sweet daughter-in-laws. 
 Parents that are still in love. Many years of marriage. 
 Great weather. 
 Beautiful sunset. 

I know this coo-coo laughter that mom has on her face.  Comes from having 3 boys!

The twins. They made me snort laugh. 

I said goofy right?!  Love it when I get a family that knows how to ham it up.


Aren't they too cute?!?!

Sweet times with "baba"

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