my notebook/pen fetish

i love notebooks and pens.  they make me happy.  so, i got a cute notebook w/ a smooooooth pen and decided to keep track of what i accomplish each day.  here's an example from the other day:
yep, you read it right - i put on there - shower & shave.  one of my "happies" is shaved legs.  i love the feeling of smooth legs.  and, being that I have a mad schedule w/ lots of kids - I don't get the luxury of washing my hair every single day (not that i would even if i could), so I do see that as an accomplishment when it happens.  PLUS I just wanted to make my list as long as possible and fill up the page.  ;-)  
I have this notebook on my bedside table and fill it in before bed.  Makes me feel like my day was productive.  
Here's a quote I love:
"For one minute, close your eyes and imagine you're 80.  You 're wearing diapers, your kids are 60, you have to eat baby food, can't really walk and you wish that God would give you just one more chance at being 30 again.  Wish granted, don't just sit around and do nothing, create a life you can look back on and be proud of.  Not regret.  What you give you get to keep, what you fail to give you lose forever." John Wooden. 

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