Marriage, something that spoke to me & my new logo!

Luke and I have been married for 18 years this July.  Believe me when I say - MARRIAGE TAKES WORK.  like consistent, DAILY work.  but, it's soooo worth it.  Luke and I have gone to marriage counseling (maybe twice) throughout our 18 years.  worth every penny. We also have a couple that we meet with regularly to get advice with. pray with, whatever with.  They're our parent's age, have numerous kids and have been married a gazillion years.  Get yourself a mentor couple.  They don't have to be older, or have numerous kids, but just someone to help talk things out with, work through things with.  We just started reading Staying Close by Dennis & Barbara Rainey. with the other couple.  We just started, so I'll give you a book review when we're done. 
Something that spoke to me:
As some of you know, a while back I shared on FB a (desperate) plea to pray for our family, specifically our oldest child.  We have been through the ringer and, if you have kids, and you know the power of prayer - you can hopefully understand when your child is in serious trouble, you will ask ANYONE and EVERYONE to pray.  Anyways, I had so many people open up to me about the struggles they are dealing with and was so honored to be able to pray for them.  Someone who is in a similar situation said to me that she tells herself all the time "I can't, He can, Let Him".  
I can't.  He can.  Let Him.
I can't tell you how many times I have said that to myself since then.  I even wrote it on my hand.   There is so much that God give us that we try to deal with on our own.  Why?!  Why do we think we are alone?  He give us struggles sometimes to grow us, to bring us closer to Him.  Which is where we should be.  Our struggles with our son have brought us to our knees countless times.  We have cried out to God countless times.  He is always with us.  He always hears us.  I am not alone. You are not alone. 
My Logo:
The super bad ass superstar, Tyler Northcutt ( my new logo. My signature.  I am in love with it.  Let me tell you - it's not as easy as it looks.  Tyler had me write my signature 4 billion times, then took a letter here and there and combined the signature.  I did a lot of nahs and yahs.  so, this is not like i put pen to paper, signed and he scanned it on a computer.  if only it were that easy - Tyler might like me a little more.  And throughout it he used all sorts of graphic designing lingo that was like chinese to me. 

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